Re: Unable to forward packets

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Subject: Re: Unable to forward packets
From: "Bill Omer" <bill.omer@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 09:45:23 -0800
> Since you brought up the subject of netmasks (in what I
> assume was a mailing that was sent before its time), I
> notice you have x.x.252.0 netmask on your rs and x.x.254 on
> your director and that they're in different networks. Can
> the DIP talk to the RIP?

Yes, its a rather complex network topology that I'm dealing with.  All
3 machines in question are able to talk to each other.   The CIP can
ping the RIP and the DIP.   The RIP can ping the CIP and the DIP.  
And the DIP can ping the CIP and RIP.

> you only need one IP (the VIP) on the outside of the machine
> if you only have 1 director. You need two IPs only if you're
> going to failover directors and you want to talk to the
> outside of the backup director.
> > So packets now are being forward (yay!) but aren't coming back to the 
> > client.
> look up what to do for InActConn but no ActiveConn in the
> mini-HOWTO - your routing is wrong.

This what I'm worried about.  From what I understand using LVS-DR you
can't use the DIP as the default gw.  Right now the RIP is *not* using
the DIP as its default gw, it's using a router instead.  Maybe I'm
confused on this ...  could you explain a little more please?


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