Re: keepalived backup issues

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Subject: Re: keepalived backup issues
From: alex <alshu@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 09:39:24 +0300
   Hello guies,
   I am sorry, but i don't understand why you have such question when
in UserGuide ( this clearly

"Then we define the symmetric configuration file on LVS director 2.
This means that VI_3 & VI_4 on LVS director 2 are in MASTER state with
a higher priority 150 to start with a stable state. Symmetrically VI_1
& VI_2 on LVS director 2 are in default BACKUP state with lower riority
of 100."

and from

"Symmetrically, VI_3 receive remote MASTER advertisements and become
BACKUP since its priority is minor than initial MASTER (VI_3 on LVS
director 2)."

   UserGuide have very good example of configuration. Only read it
with attention.
   Make as there wrote and all will be OK.
   If you want i can send you my two LVS-server configuration but as
i think its havn't any original things (all accordanly guide).

Hmm.. Well, from what I know about it (not much but I got it working) the keepalived configs should be identical on both directors (aside from the
lvs_id that is)..

I know the priorities are used in vrrp advertisements, and lvs uses them to determine who is the master. So the backup should have a lower priority.
Also, specifying BACKUP instead of MASTER determines what state the
server should be started in.

That being the said, are you saying that yours maintains one in the master
state and one in backup for each VIP, and fails over properly using
identical configurations on the servers?
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