Re: kernel panic - ip_vs_conn_hash(): request for already hashed

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Subject: Re: kernel panic - ip_vs_conn_hash(): request for already hashed
From: Roberto Nibali <ratz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 23:48:36 +0200

           CPU0       CPU1
  0:    2925013    3035328    IO-APIC-edge  timer

Was this box up for half a day before it happened?

Do you need high memory support? This normally degrades performance on 32bit
boxes, especially with regard to DMA writes.

No, however the .config is based on the one included in Red Hat Enterprise 
Linux 3,
since these servers are using this distribution, although the running kernel is
the mainstream kernel.

I understand.

Handle 0x0100
        DMI type 1, 25 bytes.
        System Information
                Manufacturer: HP
                Product Name: ProLiant DL360 G4
                Version: Not Specified
                Serial Number: AUB44604VM
                UUID: 33353435-3731-4155-4234-34363034564D
                Wake-up Type: Power Switch

Fine, the DL360 are actually very stable machines, so hardware defect is almost out of question.

Please make sure, you've also set those (at least the frame pointer one) to
get reliable stack traces:


Thanks, I'll recompile with these settings.

Has the oops shown up again with the new .config?

Roberto Nibali, ratz
echo '[q]sa[ln0=aln256%Pln256/snlbx]sb3135071790101768542287578439snlbxq' | dc

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