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Subject: Re: super slow speeds from director
From: Matthew <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 09:41:09 -0600
Recently we've had this affliction where if you goto,
everything is super ass slow. But if you goto (or
wwwdb2) everything is blazing fast.

I assume you're talking about direct connection to the realservers here.

Not sure I understand your statement so I'll try to clarify. For some people, if you goto, the picture downloads at 15KB/sec. For some, its normal speed.

www points to .35, our VIP, which routes to RSs .50 (wwwdb1) and .130 (wwwdb2).

        Now, if you go directly to an RS:

The image downloads much, much faster. (15KB/sec vs 300KB/sec)

        Even the same page served from the same machine as www is fast:

( points to .34 which is an IP on the director. no special load balancing done on this IP)

is the problem seen from the same client machine during this time or are random people having the problem

It seems almost random. Here in our office, we have one DSL connection and all our desktop computers experience this behavior. From my house, Cable, no issues. From a friend in another city, no issues. From a customer in Chicago, issues present. ping's and traceroutes to/from all machines (including DIR and RS) are super fast.

(Since it's only occuring with some clients, I'll assume the problem is not in LVS, but somewhere else. I know there are flaws in this assumption, but it's somewhere to start.)

But it's gotta be LVS/DIR right? Since accessing the same page via DIR vs RS gives differences, and the DIR is the point of entry, wouldn't that make it a LVS/DIR problem?

Can you do exactly the call from home (or good site) that your customer in Chicago has problems with?

Yep. We are all doing the same call, that speedtest.html page. Feel free to try it yourself.

If you can't reproduce the problem from home, you'll have to get the Chicago person on the phone and tcpdump the connection.

The person in Chicago is a pretty important customer and I don't want them to know we are having issues. Since our local office is having problems, I'll tcpdump an office d/l and then one from home. Will post when I get them.

Otherwise you may have weird hardware in the connection (I know this won't be easy to track down)

If the hardware was the problem and the hardware hasn't changed since day 1, wouldn't this problem have affected us from day 1? This problem has only happened once in the past; about a week ago. It affected us for about 2-3 days then seemed to clear itself up. Now its happening again.

Thanks Joe.

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