Re: [lvs-users] Are LVS / ldirectord Multithreaded?

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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] Are LVS / ldirectord Multithreaded?
From: "Robinson, Eric" <eric.robinson@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 09:44:19 -0700
>> The --stats switch gives totals for packets in/out.
>> The --rate switch shows pps, but the man page does not say 
>> what the averaging period is. I'll try it during a busy production 
>> day and see what I get.

> We measure rate during the last 8 seconds every 2 seconds:

Thanks for that info.

>> I changed it to 10 seconds and there was a definite, 
>> observable drop in CPU utilization.  A graph of the past 6 
>> hours shows that usage has now flattened out and is now 
>> averaging less than 10%. 

> Can you please put the graphs up that you sent separately on a
> webserver, so we can see what you're describing? 
Sure... possibly right after this morning's Nevada Day parade. Kids in band, 
you know...
> [From a list admin perspective the second message encoded 
> to just over a megabyte which is pretty expensive when sending 
> to over 1200 recipients...]

Figured that out right after I got the rejection notice. :o)

>> checkinterval=10
>> checktimeout=5
>> negotiatetimeout=8
>> checkcount=1

> I guess if this is acceptable then... it's acceptable.

It's not. That's why I had it set to 2 seconds. But at the moment I guess we're 
talking possible compromises...
> For such a large number of realservers I think you may need to 
> get creative with your healthchecking. You could use the 
> "checkcommand" setting to ldirectord to read a value from a file 
> which is kept updated by some other script which can check in 
> parallel. Unfortunately I can't pull one of those out of a hat right now... :)

No problem. I'm a huge fan of scripts and I've written hundreds of them for 
doing different things. I can hack something together.

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