Re: Geographic Loadbalancing..

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Subject: Re: Geographic Loadbalancing..
From: Josh Marshall <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 15:14:54 +1000
> I have some code to do this.
> Basically it creates a small routing daemon, that gets
> all its data from a list of routes you provide at run time.
> Its here
> I also have some code to help generate the list of routes
> from BGP dumps from (Cisco) routers.
> And I have a patch to Bind 9 to add supersparrow support
> All this needs a bit of polish, as appart from hacking on it
> for my own personal use I haven't done any work on it for a while.
> It does work, and is actually used for
> If you have questions, or are intrested in some
> particular features, let me know.

Hi Horms,

I'm just wondering how to set up the ssrs with the list of routes - what 
format does the /etc/ssrs.routes file need?

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