Re: [lvs-users] Keepalived + LVS-DR not working [SOLVED]

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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] Keepalived + LVS-DR not working [SOLVED]
From: Gerry Reno <greno@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2007 22:24:36 -0400
Bingo! I was just ready to go get the examples from the HOWTO when I got 
it working with a suggestion from Rob. Thanks Rob. :-) He said I should 
check the VIP on the Real Servers. I thought I had these but when I 
checked there were no VIP entries for the Real Servers. So I added them 
and immediately the cluster started working. But in debugging all this I 
have a some more questions.

notify_master/backup/fault question:

The example LVS-DR that I copied to start with made use of the 
notify_master script technique. Here is the script that is called:
case "$1" in
add) ip addr add dev lo brd + scope host; ;;
del) ip addr del dev lo; ;;
*) echo "Usage: $0 {add|del}"; exit 1; ;;
exit 0

What exactly would be the benefit of notify_master/backup/fault and this 
script. It just puts a VIP/32 on 'lo' for the backup director and delete 
the VIP/32 from 'lo' for the master director. Is this necessary? I mean 
wouldn't you just need to let keepalived move the VIP/24 from one 
director to the other and not worry about anything about VIP on 'lo' for 
directors? If there is no benefit then I will remove it. Now running the 
script on the real servers I can see and that is what I did to get 
things working.

Schedulers question:

To test I am using the 'rr' scheduler and sure enough the accesses are 
bouncing from one real server to the other. But this is occurring even 
when I am in a session. Is there no session 'stickiness' with the 


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