Re: NIC cries when using testLVS

To: Thomas Proell <Thomas.Proell@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: NIC cries when using testLVS
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From: ratz <ratz@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 20:49:47 +0100
Hi Thomas,

I already tried twice to reply to the list but it seems that
there has been changed something on the mailserver. My mails
don't get through.

Thomas Proell wrote:
> Hi!
> I think this is a bit Off-Topic, but maybe someone experienced the
> same problems using testLVS:
> I am using a 3c905 - TX - M on a Pentium 3. I connect a 100MBps
> line to it and simulate 100.000 different clients with testLVS.
> I'm using the newest kernel and LVS version 1.0.0.

Get the updated (for speed) driver from:

if this doesn't work, implement TCP zero-copy ;)
> At the moment I start testLVS on the client, I can't use the
> redirector any more. Typing the command "ipvsadm" takes 5 minutes
> (really!), but it shows that all 100.000 connections are
> established. The kernel spits warnings that the interrupt is
> very busy. xload shows over 600% load.

Oh, wait a minute, I had this too, what exactly does it say?
> This is poor, isn't it?

How big are the packets?
> I didn't think that it's so easy to push a P3 to the limits.

It shouldn't be. Let's investigate this further.

> But I think it isn't the processor, it is the NIC that puts
> all the work on the processor.

Mhh, please try it with the modified 3c59x driver from the
page above.

Best regards,
Roberto Nibali, ratz

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